Message to All Brods


Boyet BautistaOur celebration of the 36th foundation day is made more memorable with the launching of our website. This officially marks our venture to open ourselves to the global community where we expose our talents and capabilities and avail ourselves of countless opportunities the world can offer. The website can be a venue for our organization to expand its influence not only in our local communities (academe, industry, politics) but also outside. In doing so, it may provide avenues to generate much-needed funds to sustain and expand our projects.

At the same time, our website provides the infrastructure to communicate with brods in spite of our broad geographical expanse. Through this website, we can keep ourselves up to speed with various fraternity-related and individual activities through e-mail, on-line chat, net meeting, as well as sharing photographs and data. We can also conduct transactions such as sending donations and automatic accounts update in this website. The possibilities are limitless, constrained only by the limits of our imagination and resources.

To get to the stage we envisage for the website requires the help and attention of all of us. The first step is actually the easiest one and requires only a bit of your time. Please try to update our members’ database by filling-up as much details as possible. Put in your latest photograph as it is very important for us to know how your looks have changed through the years. Our comprehensive profile database takes pride in being interactive, which can be updated in real time, any time!

As we celebrate our founding anniversary, let us contemplate on our humble beginnings and assess how we’ve traversed our paths to where we are now. For this path continues to greater heights and we should all be one in reaching this.

Mabuhay tayong lahat!


President, Iuvenis Orbis Inc.