36 Years of Expanding Fields
in a Shrinking Globe


I am glad to report that the IOGF Week was a success. We held several food booths outside NIGS and a SANDUGO outdoor activity booth in the lobby to celebrate our 36th year. This was capped by a small feast with NIGS faculties and students last June 26, 2008. The attendance was greater than expected, we even have to bring out the food that were supposed to be for the alumni brods! We also gave away Sandugo apparels (bandanas, Sandals, Tshirts, Backpack, etc.) for those who came.

36 anniversary group pixAmong the people who attended are the freshies held by GEMS this semester. The boys of these block was invited inside the UPGAA lounge where brods Raymond Leuterio and Jun Angeles introduced our fraternity. I would like to thank the brods who came, the resident brods - Nick Primaleon, Richie Escanlar, Zaymon Calucin, JB Libao, Americus Perez, Darwin Riguer, and the alumni brods - Roman Celis, Raymond Leuterio, Jun Angeles, Oca Baria, Sam De Claro, Sam Ganapin, and Leo Virtucio. I would like to mention also brod Archie Digdigan who came to NIGS yesterday.

Long Live IO !

Helios 2006
Grand Orbian