Surprise Birthday Bash for
Brod Fred Zanoria

by Jun Angeles


Fred's Bday


January 05, 2007, Quezon City.   Fred never told any brod that it was his birthday on 7th Jan 2007. But all the brods knew. As early as 31st December, Cecil Liwanag, his sister-in-law, was already in touch with me. Upon the request of Tess, Fred’s wife, Cecil was planning a surprise birthday party at her Quezon City home and wanted the brods to attend. So it was decided that it will be on 5th January – the last day of our IO Congress.

So how to tell the brods without Fred knowing? At the last day of the closed IO Congress at Tagaytay last 3 January, we decided to get Fred out of the discussion room so that we can announce the surprise party to all the brods in attendance. Brod Elmer immediately volunteered to bring Fred out of the room. After the event, I found out that Fred felt something was fishy. That was because Elmer did not give a reason why he brought Fred out. Fred told me that Elmer just said that he has to stay out of the room and that’s it! So Fred felt that there was something that brods didn’t want him to be involved. Later on, he told me that he just brewed on it without telling anyone, thinking why would the frat do that to him.

5th of January was a busy day. It was the last day of our IO Congress. We held the very successful “Pinoy Geos Go Global Symposium” at UP NIGS. It was the first public showcase of IO in its full force. It was a full day affair attended by about 200 people from the academe, industry and government. So after the cocktails, we had to expeditiously say good bye to our guests and make a quick exit to go to Cecil’s house. Fred was not sure why everyone wanted to go quickly. His brother-in-law finally fetched him from UPNIGS to their house at Don Antonio Avenue.

When Fred left, it was a mad rush for the brods to go to Cecil’s house before Fred arrives. The plan was for the brother-in-law to cruise around to give time for the brods to arrive before Fred does. But of course, nothing works perfectly but at least there were some brods already there when Fred arrived. Fred was really surprised! He never knew what was happening behind his back!!. Later that evening, Fred talked about his “tampo” with the brods for bringing him out of the discussion room in Tagaytay. Now he knew that brods are still the best. Never doubt their intentions as they are always meant to be good. Brod Fred and all the brods felt so happy as the day wore into the evening

The party was held on the top deck of Cecil’s large 3 storey family house. So the view and the ambiance were perfect. And the food courtesy of Cecil’s family was fantastic. Brod Gerry Manuel played the saxophone to the delight of the brods and their wives.

There are about 40 brods, wives and friends as well as Fred’s wife’s relatives who attended the party.

The brods I can recall who were there were - Raffy Rosell, Ariel Panol, Leo Virtucio, Ronald Vicedo, Raul Cabanlig, Boy Alonso, Sam Ganapin and wife Blessie, Jun Yumul and wife Loida, Tony Dimabuyu, Cris Tomarong, Dominic Sadsad, Reggie Tandoc, Ed Dizon, Eric Pagado and wife Josefina, Marvin Salapare?, Arjel Samen, Gerry Manuel, Onie Arboleda, Philip Hernandez and wife Soc, Jun Angeles and wife Rosalie, Leo Querubin, Elmer Antioquia and wife Tatoy, Nelson Agapay, Ronald Ramirez, Oca Baria, Joel Yago, Ed Alforte, Raymond Abundo?, Chet Medina, Julius Tesoro, Andy Santos, Jess Umbal, Nato Bobis, Ludy Zamoras, Boyet Bautista, Mark Africa, Justin Vidamo and Zaymon Calucin. Lady geos, Tet Samson and Mabel Abigania, were also there plus a few more that I may have missed.