B-ball Downunder


February 2008, Perth, Western Australia.   In a scorching February summer heat, brods from the hoods of Currambine and Carramar decided to drag their asses out of their rooms and shake their usually lethargic muscles inside a basketball court in a 3-on-3 game. Home and away was the format of the game. The Currambine brods, comprising of Brods Farell, Erwin, Dennis, Melvin and Kenneth, were the visiting squad, while Brods Paul and Reggy represented the Carramar home court. Because of the absence of Brods Dominic and Marvin, who were both on holidays in our beloved Philippine Islands at the time of the game, the Carramar duo teamed up with their other housemates Rodel and Yo.

B-ball pix


The game started in a very relax mood, but as the game progressed, it became apparent that each side wanted to slam the other team on the miniature court adorned with aboriginal artwork. Hard fouls were inevitable as everyone dives for their own piece of action. At some point, Brod Dennis was forced to sit out on the sidelines due to a bum knee that he got during a drive to the basket that caused him to roll over the grass several times. No brods admitted pushing him. He was replaced by the sweet shooting Brod Erwin, who together with wriggly Brod Farell, provided enough firepower to pile up their lead against the Carramar squad. It wasn’t the end for the boys from Carramar as Brod Reggy used his shear bulk to force consecutive baskets to tie the game. After half an hour of playing under the Australian summer sun, the brods started to exhaust all their strength and one by one began lying on the grass adjacent to the court.

The brods completed two games with each team winning once.