UPGMA Program Guidelines :


The UP Geology Merit Award (UPGMA) is a scholarship award program of the Iuvenis Orbis, Inc. (IO Inc.), a non-profit non-stock organization whose members are the alumni of the University of the Philippines Iuvenis Orbis Geological Fraternity (IOGF). Through an application process, cash awards will be given to deserving geology students at the University of the Philippines National Institute of Geological (“UP NIGS”). Basis for these awards will include the awardees’ academic and organizational/community leadership performance. Currently, three (3) cash awards of Php 10,000 each will be given every year. Two (2) will be given to undergraduate students, while one (1) will be given to a graduate student. Unclaimed awards will be rolled-over to the following year’s pool of funds. IO Inc. will currently provide a funding commitment to UPNIGS for three (3) academic school years starting 2002-03.

The purpose of the UP GMA is to promote and foster a holistic approach to excellence in the study of the geological sciences, integrating academic performance with student organization and/or community awareness and involvement.

The following terms and conditions shall apply:


    Students are encouraged to apply for the Award if he/she meets the following minimum qualifications:

    • For undergraduates, the applicant must be a declared geology major and have passed the following subjects – Geology 11 & 11.1, Geology 40, Geology 50, Geology 70, Chemistry 16, Mathematics 17 and Mathematics 53 or the equivalent subjects. For geology graduate students, the applicant must have completed 25% of required post-graduate units.
    • Fully registered student during the time of application
    • Applicant should be in good academic standing as defined by the UP guidelines during the previous two (2) semesters.
    • Applicant should not have previously received the award. An exception to this is an applicant who received the award while an undergraduate and is applying as graduate student.

    The applicant should submit an original and two (2) photocopies of the following documents addressed to the UPNIGS Director by a given deadline –

    • An application form duly filled out with the endorsement of two (2) UP NIGS faculty members who are not members of the Awards Selection Committee.
    • A true copy of grades (TCG) for the previous two (2) semesters including subjects taken in the summer, if any
    • A written essay not to exceed 1000 words on a topic of relevance to be announced.
    • If any, endorsement letters by relevant people on the extracurricular activities in the academe and/or community that the applicant is involved in.

    The selection process for the successful applicants shall be a joint undertaking of the UP NIGS faculty and the IO Inc. The Award will be offered on a competitive basis. A minimum of three (3) cash awards will be awarded each academic year for the duration of the UP GMA program. However, no award will be given if a suitably qualified candidate is not identified.

    • Awards Selection Committee

      An Awards Selection Committee consisting of three (3) members shall be created to administer the selection process. The members of the Committee shall consist of the following:

      • The NIGS Director or his/her representative
      • A NIGS faculty member chosen by the UP NIGS Director, and
      • IO Inc. Representative

      The term of the members of the Awards Selection Committee is for one (1) year.

      The NIGS Director or his/her representative shall act as the Chairperson of the Committee and preside over all Committee meetings/deliberations. All decisions shall be approved by majority vote, each member having one vote. The Committee shall resolve all conflicts and promulgate amendments pertaining to the selection process as long as such amendments do not violate the original intent of IO Inc. as described in these Guidelines.

    • Selection Criteria for Successful Applicants

      A first pass evaluation of applicants will be undertaken according to the following criteria:

      • 60% - academic performance, based on the average grade for the previous two (2) semesters
      • 20% - leadership, based on quality and quantity of involvement in extracurricular activities 20% - written essay

      Based on the above, a selected number of applicants for both the undergraduate and graduate categories will be interviewed by the Awards Selection Committee. The second and final pass evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

      • 80% - weighted score of the first pass evaluation (ie. First pass score x 0.80)
      • 20% - interview results
    • Selection Timetable

      IO Inc. shall announce by the 1st July of each year the number of awards to be given for that year. Information shall be distributed to the studentry providing pertinent information about the Award, its objectives, its rules and the application process. Applications shall be received on or before the 30th November. The Committee shall then meet to make the selection so that the recipients are determined no later than the 1st February of each year. The recipients will be notified and publicly announced through UP NIGS. Cash awards will be accompanied by certificates at the end of the academic year.


    The GMA Committee will be constituted as soon as practical. Its objectives are:

    • act as an oversight committee
    • to monitor the proper implementation of GMA
    • coordinate with the IO Inc. Treasurer on the safekeeping of the funds allotted for the Award and the prompt release to recipients after the selection process, and
    • coordinate the proper promotion of this Award

    The Committee will consist of five (5) IO Inc. members. Two (2) Committee members will represent the IO Inc. members based in the USA while three (3) Committee members based in the Philippines will represent those both residing elsewhere in the world and those members based in the Philippines. The Chairman of the said Committee will be appointed by the IO Inc. Board of Trustees and chosen from any of the Philippine-based members. Upon consultation with the US-based members, a Co-chairman will be appointed by the IO Inc. Board of Trustees from among those based in the USA. T he US-based members will be principally responsible for the fund raising plus advisory/consultative duties and other supplemental assistance as required while the Philippine-based members are responsible for the monitoring of the implementation of the project.


    The IO GMA Committee Chairman shall select the IO Inc. Representative for the Awards Selection Committee.

    The responsibilities of the IO Inc. Representative are:

    • Protect the integrity of the selection process
    • Interface with the NIGS Director and faculty of NIGS and foster a cooperative relationship for the joint implementation of the GMA
    • Prepare a brief report to the GMA Committee and the IO Inc. Board of Trustees after every completion of the award process.

    Cash awards and certificates for the UP GMA will be given directly to the recipients by IO Inc. in an appropriate ceremony designated by the UP NIGS Director or his representative.

    Fund sources will come from donations from IO Inc. members. Other sources may include non-IO Inc. donors or fund raising projects whose benefactors include this award program as well as non-IO Inc. donors.


    This UP GMA Guidelines have been approved by the IO Inc. Board of Trustees in a Board Meeting held on the 12th of September 2002. Mr. Jesse Umbal, the currently designated IO Inc. Representative to the GMA Selection Committee, is authorized to discuss and finalize the above described Guidelines with the UP NIGS for the eventual approval / recognition of the University of the Philippines. If changes are required by UP NIGS, Mr. Umbal is authorized to approve the changes to the GMA Guidelines on behalf of IO Inc. as long as the spirit of the GMA Guidelines is maintained. In case major changes are required, Mr. Umbal will refer them first to the GMA Committee and, if necessary, to the Board of Trustees before agreeing with UP NIGS.



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