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Iuvenis Orbis, Inc. is the incorporated non-profit association of the Iuvenis Orbis Geological Fraternity (IOGF) based at the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS) of the University of the Philippines (UP), Diliman campus. Quezon City, Philippines.

Iuvenis Orbis, Inc. is a dedicated group of geoscientists permanently deployed in the Philippines as well as other parts of Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe into various fields of mineral exploration, mining, energy, environmental, and engineering geology. Some of our members are also into information technology, policy formulation, public service, various business ventures and academia.

The Iuvenis Orbis Geological Fraternity (IOGF) was organized in 1972 by a group of idealistic geology students in the University of the Philippines Diliman campus. The group chose the name “Iuvenis Orbis” (‘Young Earth’ in Latin) to signify their dedication to the science of Geology, and their youthful optimism towards playing a positive role in the geoscience profession. In 1975 the fraternity was officially recognized by the University of the Philippines. From its founding batch of 22 members, the fraternity has now grown to 180+ members, of which 100+ completed their degrees in geology, while others went on to pursue other degrees. The geology alumni among the fraternity members represent about 14% of all UP geology graduates since 1957. Currently, the membership roster of IOGF includes 17 members with doctorate degrees, 17 members with master’s degrees, 3 members with law degrees and 1 with a doctor of medicine degree. There are 45 members who permanently reside overseas and 39 working outside the Philippines while continuing to maintain close affiliation with the fraternity.

The aims of Iuvenis Orbis, Inc. are –

  • To promote the advancement of the geosciences; uphold the standards and integrity of the geology profession; enhance public awareness of the geological sciences; and safeguard the interests of Filipino geoscientists in national and international affairs.
  • To harness the power of the geological sciences for the economic and social development of the Filipino people through wise utilization of natural resources, preservation of the environment, and protection from natural and man-made geologic hazards.
  • To promote the well being and professional advancement of fraternal brothers, strengthen fraternal unity and cooperation, and safeguard fraternal principles.
  • To seek peaceful coexistence and cooperation with other geoscience organizations based on shared goals and principles.


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